Saving The Environment  


   All processing industries generate waste . The quantited generated and their potential impacts depend on many factos including the level of industrial development .

the way in which wastes  are managed  . the existing state of the local  environment and the copacity of the receiving media.


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Official LME Base Metal Prices

 3M Ask  Cash Ask
6726 6714  Copper
2099 2096  Aluminium
11680 11610 Nickel
3123 3117  Zinc
2366 2342  Lead
20480 20675  Tin
1810 1800  Al.Alloy
1990 1955 NASAAC

technical analysis

Nowadays the global market expanded considerably and following this growth,new fields of scienceappeared for prediction ofmarket future behavior. Experts, analyzers and also market dealers are permanently involved in creating new ways and instruments to predict market moreconcisely, accordingly two main branches have appeared in this field, fundamental and technical. Fundamentalists believe that they can predict base on news and financial statements. ButTechnicalistsdeeply believe in order and harmony and repeat of past in future and believe that by using the record of charts and diagrams they can predict their future.


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